Across the Division of Surgery & Anaesthesia at Royal North Shore Hospital there are several individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in data management, analysis and reporting. Check out their profiles below.

Maria Quilantang 
DASO Unit Manager

M, T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2478


Maria is an enthusiastic data manager and analyst with a strong dedication to increasing data resources, data support and high quality data in the public health sector. She has extensive experience in data management, statistics and health research including a Bachelors in Mathematics and a Masters in Biostatistics.

Maria has previously worked for the Cancer Council NSW working on research projects focused on skin cancer and prostate cancer. Maria has also spent time in the UK working in research management and governance at the National Institute for Health Research.

In 2014 Maria moved her career to the NSW public health sector. Her previous roles include the Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Data Manager at Royal North Shore Hospital and the Intensive Care Data and Research Manager at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Adam (Ahmad) Aniss 
Endocrine Surgical Unit - Database Manager

M, T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 1473


Adam Aniss has a mixed educational background of Engineering and Medicine (B.Sc. (Eng.,UK); M.Sc. (Medical Physics, UK); Ph.D.(Medicine, UNSW). His experience consists of a number of roles including Associate Lecturer, Research Officer, Technical Support Officer, and Database Manager across various academic institutions in NSW. Adam has been extensively involved in medical data collection and research projects in various institutions.


Currently, he is the Endocrine Surgical Unit’s Database Manager and is involved in a number of research projects in human thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. He has well-versed knowledge of relational databases and has performed upkeep of a number of Access based databases at the unit.

Nazim Bhimani
Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery - Data Manager

M, T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2893


Nazim Bhimani is an ambitious Biostatistician/Data Analyst with a passion for medical research. He is currently undertaking a part-time PhD in Medicine from the University of Sydney and has previously completed a Master of Biostatistics, Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) with a key program in Mathematical Science. He is currently the Upper GI Surgical Unit Data Manager & Biostatistician and is working on a number of research projects with respect to the liver, gallbladder, oesophagus, stomach and pancreas.

Shortly after completing his undergraduate degrees, he began working as a Developer and Data Analyst at Railway and Transport Health Fund where he worked on the development of TAX Statements and the implementation of the Annual Rate Rise of health insurance products. Nazim has also previously worked as an Assistant Lecturer at Western Sydney University.

Kathy Chung
Operating Theatres Data Manager

M, T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2415


Kathy has joined the Division of Surgery & Anaesthesia with a background in data analysis, data management and process improvement. 


After graduating with a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Science from UTS, Kathy worked for 8 years in the area of data research and analysis in the financial services sector. During that time, she led a global data migration project and regularly presented at company executive meetings. She also developed a highly-regarded industry report that clients use for major decision-making.   


In 2017, Kathy joined Northern Sydney Local Health District as a Project Coordinator for the development of the Northern Beaches Hospital and transition of Manly Hospital and Mona Vale Hospital services. More recently, she worked as a Senior Correspondence Officer in the Ministerial and Executive Correspondence Unit. 


Kathy is keen to expand her data analysis skills and improve processes to enable better decision-making by management. 

Ewan Driver
Neurosurgery - Data Manager

M, T, W, Th, F (Part-time)

+61 2 9463 1823


Ewan has joined the RNSH DASO Unit with extensive experience in data analysis, data visualisation and process improvement.

Ewan worked for 15 years in the intellectual property industry producing market analysis reports for the CEO and board of a major ASX listed company. Additionally, he developed multiple data automation processes enabling the efficient, cost-effective delivery of client reports as well as local and international business development reports identifying new opportunities.

Ewan is looking forward to applying his data analysis and visualisation skills to the area of data management within the NSW public health sector.

Sharon Lum
Cardiothoracic Surgery - Data Manager

W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2599


Sharon Lum has joined the RNSH DASO Unit after gaining over 10 years work experience at Prince of Wales Hospital in data and health information management (HIM) roles.

Sharon graduated with a Bachelor Applied Science (Health Information Management) and commenced in a traditional HIM role in clinical coding before pursuing an interest in data management. As the Data Manager for the General Operating Theatres at Prince of Wales Hospital she was involved in supporting the local IT and data needs of the department, such as theatre activity reporting, key performance indicators and data collection for the pilot acute surgery project at Prince of Wales.

Her most recent roles include Project Officer in the Data Collections and Quality Unit at the NSW Ministry of Health and Patient Information Systems Manager and Radiation Oncology Data Manager at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Phil Johnson
Intensive Care Unit - Senior Hospital Scientist

M, T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2646


Phil Johnson is a Hospital Scientist in the Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore. He has been in this role since 1985 with involvement in the management, development and assessment of physiological instrumentation, computing systems and databases within the ICU. He has a BAppSc (Biomedical Science) and MAppSc (Clinical Measurement).

Prior to commencing at Royal North Shore hospital Phil worked for 5 years in the Pathology Laboratories at St George Hospital. In the later part of this employment he worked on computerizing laboratory practices and the capture of laboratory data.

Phil has a particular interest in computerization and data flow within the Intensive Care environment, he is the database manager for the Intensive Care Database and is currently involved in the implementation of a commercial Clinical Information System (ERIC) which is scheduled to commence in the ICU early 2018.

Susan O'Donnell
Interventional Neuroradiology - Data Manager

M, T, W, F

+61 2 9463 1713


Susan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications (DCU, Ireland) before starting her career as a database administrator and software developer in the IT industry. She has spent over 11 years working in database administration and database development/programming roles in both Ireland and Australia. Her experience with relational databases is extensive and includes designing, installing and supporting databases, as well as managing database backup and recovery processes. She has also been involved in performance tuning projects for larger databases and datasets. 

Susan joins the DASO Unit as the Interventional Neuroradiology Data Manager. She is currently managing a database to assist with tracking and analysing the activity and workload of the INR team. She is also assisting with the Endovascular Clot Retrieval service optimisation project.

Susan is keen to apply her database and software development skills to the area of data management within the NSW public health sector, and to extend her skills within the area of data analysis.

Negar Talaei Zanjani
NSQIP Surgical Clinical Reviewer

Negar has joined the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) at Royal North Shore Hospital as the Surgical Clinical Reviewer. This program aims to reduce preventable post-operative complications and support better and safer patient care by collecting, validating and entering surgical data into NSQIP portal.


NSQIP benchmarks surgical outcomes against local and international peers in one of the largest international outcome databases ever created. These results are utilised to design and implement quality improvement programs within the hospital to improve patient outcomes.

Negar is passionate about projects that are at the interface of medicine and engineering with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient outcomes. She has completed her PhD and post-doctoral appointment in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Sydney working on multidisciplinary research projects in collaboration with the Center for Virus Research at Westmead Institute for Medical Research. Before moving to Royal North Shore she worked as an Operations Manager at the National Pancreatic Islet Transplantation Unit at Westmead Hospital.

Wally Shi
Trauma Data Manager/Analyst

Wally has a background in science with a degree in BSc. (Biological Science) and joined the DASO Unit after a decade of service to NSW Health Pathology with SSWPS Liverpool, SEALS Prince of Wales, and Pathology West Westmead. Wally’s duties included human resource management, auditing, preparation and presentation of key performance indicators, quality control, quality assurance, training, and workflow review, analysis and improvement.


In his time with NSWHP, Wally collaborated in the establishment of the review and analysis of preanalytical and analytical key performance indicators to improve key Emergency Department blood test turnaround times in order to improve patient outcomes.


Wally is a dedicated Data Manager and has a keen interest in developing strategies to reduce errors and improve efficiencies of data processes.

M, T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2787


Kenneth Vuong
REDCap Administrator

Kenneth joins the team in November 2019 in the role of REDCap Administrator. Kenneth has spent the last three years working as a Database Manager and Research Officer for pelvic exenteration surgery at the Surgical Outcomes Research Centre in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he developed his skills in REDCap to manage databases, conduct research studies, as well as assisting others with their REDCap projects. As REDCap Administrator, Kenneth will look to further assist others with their projects and firmly establish REDCap's presence at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Kenneth previously worked in Dietetics having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Sport Science) and a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) with Honours at the University of Sydney in 2013. Kenneth shifted his focus to Public Health in 2015, when he graduated with a MPH (Professional Practice) at the University of Sydney, completing projects for the Get Healthy Service team at the NSW Office of Preventive Health. 

M, T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2559


M,T, W, Th, F

+61 2 9463 2477


Jignesh Vyas
DASO Unit - Data Manager

Jignesh joins the DASO team after over four years of experience in clinical inpatient data management in health settings.  With his educational background in engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) and information systems (Masters in Information Systems), Jignesh quickly saw the significance of data-driven health management and the rapidly increasing role of the various IT systems in health. From this, he developed a keen interest in bridging the gap between clinicians and information systems by leveraging his technical background.

Jignesh brings on board his skills and experience in application development and all aspects of clinical data analytics. He is passionate about bringing automation and validation techniques, thereby ensuring data integrity and building robust data processes to support clinicians with the development of new reporting systems.

W, Th, F

+61 2 9926 4479


Fenglian Xu
DASO Unit - Data Manager

Fenglian joins the DASO Unit from the Translational Cancer Research Network, University of New South Wales as the data manager of the Pancreatic Cancer Centre.

Fenglian has 10 years’ experience using linked New South Wales health service data especially Admitted Patient Data Collection, Health Science Alliance Biobank, Medicare data, Perinatal Data Collection, and Emergency Department Data Collection. She holds a PhD of Public Health from Curtin University, Master of Medicine from Huazhong University of Technology China and Bachelor of Medicine from Xinjiang Medical University China.

Fenglian is interested in clinical data management, statistics and epidemiology.

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