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The following information is intended for surgical departments requiring support and funding to undertake data management and audit activities at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Data Support Program

To apply for data support please complete the program application form using the following link:

The Data Analysis and Surgical Outcomes (DASO) Unit Data Support Program supports excellence, innovation, and ingenuity within the Division of Surgery & Anaesthesia.

With limited funding, the Data Support Program aims to deliver a dynamic and diverse range of data projects to as many surgical departments as possible at RNSH. This program is aimed at projects that support the development of robust data processes and systems, contribute to the development of a widespread clinical audit culture, foster research and improve clinical care.  


Funding is available for a wide range of data and audit activity, including:

  • Creation and development of new data or audit systems

  • Improvement or enhancement of existing audit/data systems

  • Transition of data from one data system into a new platform

  • Consolidation and integration of disparate databases into one system

  • Creation of reporting systems and data visualisation tools from existing systems


  • Applications

       - Open: 7th September 2020

       - Close: 5th October 2020

  • Applications must be submitted electronically using the DASO Unit Data Support online application form

  • Applications cannot exceed the maximum allocation per project of $50,000

  • Applicants must provide a comprehensive level of detail and supporting material appropriate to the level of funding requested

  • Applications will not be considered if:


- The submission is from a department that is not a surgical department at Royal North Shore Hospital

- The project timeline is expected to exceed 12 months

- The submission is received after the application closing date

For further information on the program overview, program objectives, application assessment criteria and assessment process please refer to the program guidelines linked below

Data Support Program Guidelines 2020/21


Otherwise please contact the Data Analysis & Surgical Outcomes (DASO Unit) directly at

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